Business Owner and Executive Solutions

We can help you prepare for financial security when you are involved in a business. With owning a business comes a host of financial challenges and a host of opportunities. We are able to help you identify the needs of you, your business and your employees. By working with us, we will help you assess the role of your company in meeting these needs. Considering all the options available can help you maximize the effectiveness of your business for everyone involved. Do you have key employees that you cannot afford to lose? What is your business really worth? Do you have an exit strategy? Do you have a business succession plan?

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Business Protection Planning

Could your business continue without a partner, a key employee - or even you, in the event of a death or disability?

Buy-Sell Insurance and Agreements:

A buy-sell agreement is a legal document, drafted by an attorney, which spells out the terms under which a designated co-owner, employee, heir and / or other party will buy your interest in the business if you die, retire, or become disabled. The intent is to help ensure that the business continues and, most of all, that your beneficiaries receive the fair market value, in full, for your interest in the business. When life insurance and disability buyout insurance is used as a funding vehicle, it provides the necessary cash for an immediate buyout. There are a few ways to set up these plans. The most common are:

Cross-Purchase Buy Sell Agreement: An agreement between business owners where each agrees to be both owner and beneficiary of insurance on each of the other owners. Upon a triggering event, the surviving owners purchase a portion of the deceased owner's interest.

This agreement helps ensure that a business can continue after an owner dies. When funded by life insurance and a disability buyout policy, the agreement provides both the financing and the mechanism to ensure that control of the business will remain with the current owners and that heirs will receive a fair price.

Entity Purchase Buy-Sell Agreement: The business owns and pays for the policies on each of the owners. If an owner dies or becomes disabled the business then pays an amount, determined by the terms of the entity purchase agreement, to the owner or owner's estate. In return the owner or owner's estate transfers the business interest to the business.

Key-Person Insurance:

Is there a key employee that you could not afford to lose? Buying a life insurance or disability policy on a key employee could potentially save your business in the case of their death or disability. This kind of policy could fund an interim replacement until you are able to hire and train a suitable replacement. These sort of plans can be funded with cash accumulation life insurance plans and can be designed in such a way that when the key employee reaches retirement they receive the cash value in the policy as a supplemental retirement plan.

Disability Buy-Out Insurance:

If an owner or partner becomes disabled this policy reimburses the purchase of the disabled business owner's interest under a buy-sell agreement. This policy allows remaining owners to continue the business without interruptions.

Overhead Expense Insurance:

Reimburses covered business expenses during a disability. Our policies are designed for small- and medium-sized businesses, whose personal service is key to the continued earnings of business income.

Business Succession Planning

What is your business worth? What will happen to your business when you are gone? Do you have a succession plan in place?

A comprehensive plan will address your exit timeline, the proper value of your business and to whom you want to transfer your business. You have spent a lifetime building your business; do not jeopardize its future by not planning!

Business Continuation General Partnership: is a flexible structure to fund business continuation that combines the advantages of other buy-sell techniques while permitting owners to accumulate cash on a tax-deferred basis for additional retirement income or business contingencies.

Are you ready to preserve what it has taken you a lifetime to accumulate?

Help minimize the impact of taxes and expenses on your estate and on your business upon your death. The effective transfer of assets to your intended beneficiaries is a top priority for most successful owners and can be accomplished with effective estate and business planning techniques.

Employee Financial Resource Program

What is Employee Financial Resource Program?

It is a program we offer, at no cost, to help employees of the company plan for their financial future. We offer each individual associated with the company a complimentary financial review.

How can your company benefit from our services?

We have worked with businesses of all sizes offering employees complementary financial planning. Financial insecurity can become stressful and serve as a distraction from work. When employees are more secure about their financial future they are more productive.  

What is our approach?

Our firm examines the benefits that are currently available to the employees of your company, then we determine how each individual can maximize them. Everybody's financial situation is different by helping our clients identify their priorities we can help protect what is most important to them. From retirement, to disability, to life insurance we can help solve each employees' financial puzzle.